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Cherry Hills Village is known for its rural atmosphere and quality of life. Since Cherry Hills was founded in 1945, there has been a consistent concern for the relationship of the people with the land.

Here, it has been said, "gravel roads are a matter of deliberate choice rather than a lack of funds." Cherry Hills has always been a residential community in the Denver metropolitan area and wishes to remain that way in the future.

Historically, Cherry Hills Village residents have been very conscientious about residential development. There is a strong desire for open countryside in Cherry Hills and the zoning maintains this atmosphere. Cherry Hills has maintained one of the few semi-rural areas within the Denver metropolitan area. Although new development will continue, Cherry Hills intends to maintain its low density zoning and remain a semi-rural community within the region.

The majority of Cherry Hills remains as Low Density Single Family one-half acre to one acre lots. A small portion of Cherry Hills is designated for Residential/Mixed Use, which will preferably be residential or possibly a residential resort hotel. Cherry Hills has a small commercial district which allows office structures or medical clinics. The remainder of land in Cherry Hills Village is Moderate Density Single Family Residential with lots ranging from one-half acre down to 16,000 square feet.

Cherry Hills Village Photos - Chuck and Ann GargottoCherry Hills has acquired several parcels of land to continue the development of a network of parks, trails and recreation facilities. In addition, there are many water features within Cherry Hills that the park and trails system links together. Cherry Hills has a land dedication requirement for new subdivisions, to ensure that further development must contribute open space to this program. There are many equestrianists and recreationalists in Cherry Hills who enjoy the trail system, open spaces, parks and recreational facilities which are a vital part of the Cherry Hills atmosphere.

Cherry Hills Village is located between the two east-west principal arterial streets: Hampden Avenue on the North, and Belleview Avenue on the south. South University Boulevard, a principal North-South arterial street, also runs through Cherry Creek.

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About Cherry Hills  |   Cherry Hills Schools  |   Cherry Hills Listings  |   Our Listings in Cherry Hills



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