Meet Ann Gargotto

Ann has completed her ASP™ certification through the nationally recognized International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

Trained directly by founder Bob Schwartz (who has been staging homes for over 30 years), Ann is actively involved in assisting you in presenting your home for sale in the best possible way.  Whether using existing furnishings or supplementing with outside resources, her goal is to maximize positive first impressions while keeping the house feeling like your home.

We believe that Ann’s staging expertise in helping the buyer visualize the full potential of your house will likely shorten the selling cycle and help obtain as much money as possible for the sale of your home.

Studies completed by the National Association of Realtors have found that staged homes sell 50% faster than non-staged homes and have an increased perceived value of 2-5% by potential buyers.

Case Study:

A Buell Mansion property in Cherry Hills Village, although only a few years old, had been vacant and neglected for almost a year. The investment group that we were representing was concerned that they would have to sell the home “as-is”. Very contemporary in style, the house looked extremely stark, uninteresting, and its problem areas seemed greatly accentuated. Ann had the entire property repainted with modern rich colors and rented just enough furniture to give the home the warmth and interest it needed, as well as to show how beautifully the living room could be done. The result was that the house sold very quickly in a very competitive market – at the time there were over 22 homes in Buell on the market.

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